ASO-Critical Aspect of Mobile App Marketing

Neha Verma By Neha Verma September 25, 2021

Considering the present scenario of Digital Marketing, we can see that the concept of Mobile App Marketing is rising rapidly. Below is the insights from Google Trends to validate the statement:


In this chart, you can see that the concept of mobile app marketing started becoming popular in February, 2010. Since then, it is rising every year with some level of up & downs in the search volumes. And we can expect this rise in coming year as well. Take a look at forecast trends:


e all need to understand this and frame our marketing strategies not only for mobile apps, but also for every kind of website as well. In this post I will be talking of one of the most essential and critical slice of Mobile App Marketing and that is ASO- App Store Optimization.

There are over 2 million mobile apps in leading app stores like iTunes, Google Play store etc. The market has become extremely competitive that getting your app stand out from others has become really challenging. If you’re related to mobile app space whether directly or indirectly, you need to understand the techniques of marketing your app. 

What is ASO?

Before we move ahead on app marketing strategies, let us define what exactly ASO is all about. Basically, it is the process of various activities that aim to optimize mobile app in a way that it ranks higher in respective app store’s search results. It works that same way our SEO works! Higher the rankings in  app store’s search results, better it is to reach your audience. The aim of App Store Optimization is get more and more traffic to your app’s page and increasing its downloads.

Before you implement your ASO strategies, find out your target audience, keywords and competitors to direct your strategies in right direction. Do some good homework for your app’s current market as well.

Why ASO?

It is a general tendency  of smart-phone users that they first explore the app store search to find any app in which they are interested. So, here the importance of getting higher rankings in App Store Search Results is of prime importance for app owners. If you are ignoring ASO for improving  app’s search ranking, then you are really missing the vital channel available for your app’s success.

Correlation of App Ratings and Search Engine Rankings


The above data is taken from MobileDevHQ which shows the co-relation between app ratings and search engine rankings. Here the keywords are divided into 3 categories namely-

  • Easy: These are those keywords which result in not more than 25 apps when someone searches any app.
  • Medium: These are those keywords which shows 25-100 apps when someone searches any app.
  • Competitive: These are those keywords which shows more than 100 apps when someone searches any app.

Considering the chart shared above, it can be clearly said that apps with higher ratings do rank well for given keywords. However, you should always try to earn reviews rather than creating fake reviews or by begging them.

Use keywords in App title or not?

Let’s talk about using Keywords in App Title. Below is the data of one analysis conducted by  MobileDevHQ to check the importance of using keywords in iPhone app titles. As per their analysis, there were around 

Tips to Improve App Store Optimization

So, are you thinking to improve your app’s ASO? Take a look at some of the factors to be considered:

Use of Keywords in App Title

Having relevant keywords in your title can certainly improve the search rankings of your app for such keywords. As per the study done by MobileDevHQ, there were around 84% apps in the appstore which were not having keywords in their titles. On the other hand, only 16% apps were utilizing their keywords in the app titles.

What is Current State?

Looking at the current state, the share of apps using keywords in Title has increased from 16% to 51%. 


Using keywords is not sufficient for you. You need to constantly track your keywords to check where your app stands.  In addition to this, keep an eye on your competitors as this will help you in framing your marketing strategies.

Number of Downloads

Every app owner want to see his/her app reaching the milestones of downloads that he or she have set. Now the question arises how to increase the downloads of your app? ASO provides basis to reach this goal. In addition to this, you need to work on your marketing your brand to improve the recognition of your app. App ratings/reviews, effective social media presence are must to promote your app and increase its downloads. Most of the users download any app after considering the reviews as well as popularity (which is reflected from number of downloads).


It is another very important aspect of Mobile app marketing. As mentioned above users look for reviews of the app before downloading it. Make sure your app gets genuine reviews. In case you get some negative reviews, try to work on user’s issues and recommendations.  Encourage your happy customers to put reviews for your app.

Free App Analytics Tools

Google’s Mobile App Analytics

Like any website, Google Analytics plays a vital role, when it comes to mobile apps, Mobile App Analytics plays the same role. It is really important for you to track who uses your app, from where they come, what device they use etc. With this free tool, you can measure and optimize user engagement with your app. 


They offer free as well as premium plans. If you have just one app to be tracked, then your can definitely try their free version where they provide tracking of 1 app for 1 country along with competitor tracking and iTunes Connect Integration. However, you can use this free version for 30 days only.

Distimo Analytics

This is also a free tool which works across Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Samsung Apps and so on. With this tool you can track downloads, revenues, rankings, reviews/ratings, and also keep an eye on your competitors.

Need Mobile App Marketing Expert?

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